The kids have been incessantly tattling on each other lately because summer vacation is just too long and little sisters are just SO AWFUL. The tattling has reached such a fever pitch that the kids have started telling on each other the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Here are my top 5 tattles that I have had to listen to today:

5. “Mom!!! Peter is twerking on the couch again!”  ….How do you respond to that?

4. “Robert told me he wanted a bag of knives. A Walmart bag.”   The knife thing is a little concerning, but I am not sure why the Walmart bag was the scandalous part to them.

3. “Robert is thinking about touching me again!”  That’s my own fault for warning them to not even think about picking at each other. Kids are so literal

2.“MOM, Aili is tryng to rename the dog Sparkle Fashion!”  Let me count the ways I just do NOT care.

1. “MOOOOOM. Aili is pretending she has a penis made out of dollars!”   No. I am done.


Is it September yet???


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