T Minus 34 Days


The response thus far to the boys’ fundraiser has been amazing.  I am so honored to know that I have friends and family willing to share and donate. I am humbled to see names on the donor list that I don’t know at all. All these strangers willing to help out! Wow.

Right now we are about a quarter of the way to our goal and we have been contacting charities, the hospital, anyone and everyone in hopes of getting all the way there. We got a tentative quote from the hospital last night that I am really hoping is a quote for both boys, not just one. Once we get clarification on that we will know if we need to just barely make the goal on our fundraiser page or…double it. 😦 Ug.

A few people have seriously asked us why we don’t just go to a foreign country to have the surgeries. Aside from the fact we have no passports, no where to stay, and no doctor contacts…it’s starting to sound incredibly tempting.

Please send us positive thoughts and share our story if you can. Thanks!

Help ROBERT and PETER make it to St Louis for surgery!


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