Adventures in Babysitting


Yesterday we had a regular babysitter come over while I was at work and my husband was at school. Normally, things go well for this sitter and the kids are fine. But, yesterday…well…they were a wee bit squirrelly. And I got a few phone calls at work.

Sitter: Um…Well, Robert ran off with a bag of candies so I took it from him and he got mad and ran upstairs. He locked the door on hi room so I went and found a hairpin and picked the lock but when I went in there, he was gone.

Me: He’s good at hiding. He’ll come out once he stops pouting.

Sitter: You don’t think he went out on the roof and then jumped, do you?

Me: …Probably not.

I mean, I know Robert is a ninja sometimes, but I doubt he went all Batman on us and flew out the window…

About 20 minutes later, I got another call.

Sitter: I found Robert. But, now no one will stay in one place.

Me: Bribe them with granola bars to get them all in the same room and then maybe put on a movie.

I was now getting a little nervous. Our sitter never calls like this so, I could tell the kids were REALLY wound up.

About an hour later…

Sitter: They have dug a hole outside that literally goes in to the basement!! *

Me: Unfortunately, we know.

Sitter: How do I get them out of there? They have like a fetish for that hole!

Me: Tell them I want to talk to them.

Sitter: YOUR MOM’S ON THE PHONE! ….They scattered.

Me: The Wrath of Mom.

Sitter: Wow.

Poor kid. We better give him a tip.

*Some old houses in this area have small stone cellars and then the rest of the basement is just dirt. So, yes, it is physically possible to dig all the way in to the dirt part of the basement from the outside. The kids think it’s REAL fun. It’s awful.


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