I came home yesterday and saw a streak of blood on the kitchen floor.

“Who got hurt?! What is that?!” I panicked.

My husband looked calmly at the dried blood and shrugged. “Must have been from the chipmunk.”

“Oh, good. None of the kids were…..wait. Stop. What chipmunk?”

“Sophie decapitated a chipmunk in the dining room. She must have dragged part of it through here,” he said while snacking on a granola bar.

I looked at the cat and she still looked pretty proud.


I am starting to think that the thought of, “Let’s adopt a kitty!” ranks right up there with, “We can totally handle twins!” in levels of sheer stupidity.


In other news, the fundraising for the twins is still going well. We are almost a quarter of the way to the goal! If you can, please share our page on Twitter, Facebook, the street corner….wherever! Thank you!


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