The Best Helper


Lately Robert has turned a corner. He has been the BEST helper. He willingly does his chores and summer school work and will even take a shower without the usual kicking and screaming. (Can someone explain to me why little boys will happily jump in to a pool or lake but when it comes to getting wet in a shower they are suddenly horrified by water? I mean, really…)

He’s even started helping with cooking the meals and baking cookies! So, I took him to the grocery store with me this weekend since he is so in to cooking and also because its kind of a reward to have one-on-one time. It was great! He was well-behaved, helpful, and pleasant. But, he also talked non-stop. About nothing.

That kid’s mind goes a mile a minute and when given the opportunity, he just lets that stream of consciousness come right out of his pie hole. I learned about every Skylander ever, I know the entire plot and sub-plot of the Lego Movie, I am now painfully aware that there is a new Planes movie in theatres now, I know that breakfast is the best meal of the day because of gluten free waffles, I know what Robert would do if he could go to Toys R Us, or the beach, or the moon….

It was exhausting. I remember when I would take out both of the twins when they were toddlers and Aili was a little baby in a papoose on my chest. Even THAT was less tiring. When they are that little, they chatter constantly, but you can tune out parts of it because they are barely making words at that point. With robert now, you have to LISTEN. If you just mindlessly start agreeing with him, you will find you’ve promised to take him to Gamestop for a Skylander shopping spree. He’s smart enough to throw in some expensive requests in his hour long babble-fest.

But, it was far superior to shopping alone!


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