Look Out, We’re Celebrities!


The local news station picked up the story of the twins and their surgery! I was working, of course, so Brandon invited them in and they put us on the evening news.

See and read the story here!

(Here’s where it gets goofy. I am, for some weird reason, extremely anxious about the oddest things so, in order to preserve my sanity, I have not actually seen the story yet. It has been recorded and I will watch it, but probably after this is all over because I can barely watch TLC without bursting in to tears when there is any kind of struggle or adversity for a kid. Even if it’s like….a Duggar was really hoping they could find 20 matching shirts and the store only had 19. Seriously. That’s where I am right now. So, if you have any questions or comments about the news story or would like more information on the syndrome or us, please ask! I will do my best to answer any questions!)


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