“Mom! MOM!” squealed Aili. “Sophie likes me! Look!”

Aili was cradling the cat like a baby and, surprisingly, Sophie wasn’t panicking or looking like she wanted to bite Aili’s face off. The cat was purring and showing her belly to Aili. I was momentarily concerned that this was someone else’s cat that had snuck in to our house. Our Sophie is never this friendly with the kids. She tolerates them, but she has a keen awareness of sticky hands and loud noises so she is usually not very cuddly.

Sophie started licking Aili’s face vigorously.

“She’s kissing me!” Aili stage whispered.

It was then I noticed Aili had a bowl of cereal next to her and her face was covered in milk. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I figured out where Sophie’s true affections lay.



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