The Snail


The other day Peter went to the beach and brought home a shell he thought was cool. He plopped it in my hand and I realized the shell still had an occupant.


So, I put the shell and the aquatic snail that lived inside in a jar of water. We were pretty sure at this point the snail was dead. It didn’t come out of its shell and it just kind of laid there on its back.

I was going to dispose of the snail when a co-worker told me to give it some time because snails are very shy animals. Sure enough, he was right and that evening the snail looked at me. I looked at it. I still strongly considered throwing it out.

But my fourth child husband was enamored by the snail significantly more than even the kids so he went to work getting sand from the beach the snail was plucked from and made him a home in our betta tank.

He also named the snail Spiro Agnew.

So, I guess I am now the unwilling pet parent of a snail. Oh joy.


Brandon says the snail is full of pep and vigor. I am not sure how you can tell.


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