Catching a Break


We’ve been so concerned about funding the twins’ upcoming surgeries, we forgot that they are accident prone little monkeys.

Last night Peter had his last soccer practice of the season. They had a pizza party and played a few games. Well, Peter got too in to it because he tripped and fell during the game play and hurt his hand.

“I heard a crack!” he sobbed when he walked in the house, holding a swollen hand.

I saw my dream of taking a leisurely long run that night going right out the window as we hustled him back to the car and drove to the hospital.

Sure enough, Peter broke his thumb. And not the tip. The big, meaty part that seems rather difficult to break. Yep. He broke that.


Poor little guy. Aside from the pain, he seemed to rather enjoy his evening in the emergency room. He got to watch TV, see the cool x-ray machine, and he got an icee and some chicken nuggets at the fast food place across the street when it was all over. The splint wasn’t so great, and the visit to the specialist probably won’t be very pleasant, but Peter is still extremely cheerful despite it all.



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