A Mama Bear’s Lament


I am not a helicopter parent or an over-protective mom. I don’t over-react or think that any of my children are such special snowflakes that they deserve special treatment. But, I am a Mama Bear.

How is that different? A Mama Bear can be very calm and docile, but when her children are threatened, she will rip off your rude little face. Now, most of the time my Mama Bear tendencies are all internal. I want to be the big, threatening, protective mom, but I am just really not good at it. So, Mama Bear becomes more of an inner dialogue.

Yesterday my inner Mama Bear was struggling to come out, but I maintained control and kept her in check. But, boy it was hard.

I had called the orthopedic specialist early in the morning since the doctor at the ER told us we had to in order to schedule a time for Peter to get a hard cast on his right arm.

Receptionist: Looks like we can get him in for a cast next Monday.

Inner Mama Bear: Next Monday? Next MONDAY?! Are you on drugs?! He is an active 7 year old in a splint! There is no way we will make it to MONDAY with that thing! And he’s in PAIN. Why do you not care about his PAIN? His PAIN is my PAIN and I will soon make it your PAIN! Quite frankly I still think he should be admitted to the hospital and be allowed to lounge in a hospital bed while nurses feed him Motrin-laced grapes and he watches the Hannah Montana movie on TV.

What I actually said: Oh. And it’s okay that he only has a splint on for that long?

Receptionist: Yeah, that’s okay.

Mama Bear: NOT OKAY. You are clearly wrong and you probably make poor fashion choices, too. I can’t believe this! RAAAGE.

What I said: Okay. See you Monday.


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