Look at that! After 1 week, two different splints and a return trip to Urgent Care, Peter is finally in his cast! I have never felt such relief in my life.

We went yesterday to the orthopedic specialist to make sure everything was looking good and to get a cast on. Peter still has some nasty looking bruises on his hand and it hurts like heck, but at least the swelling was over so he could be put in a cast. Originally he wanted a hot pink cast, but I think the nurse asked him if he was sure a few too many times and he got self-conscious.  He then picked red and she asked no questions. Part of me was super annoyed because, honestly, who cares what color cast he wears? Pink, blue, sparkles, rainbows and unicorns….whatever. If he likes it and won’t try to destroy it, I am happy. And that old crap about pink being a “girl color”….well, don’t get me started.

Whatever. Peter is now officially in a cast for four weeks and I am still holding my breath because he still has the potential to be “that kid” who manages to crack or break their cast. Apparently that’s a real thing. And it sounds exactly like something Peter could do.



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