St Louis Surgery Part 6


When we last left off, the boys had just gotten out of the hospital and were resting in the hotel.

In the hospital, they had been under threat of staying in there longer so, the boys complied with all the demands put upon them. They took their feedings through a syringe, they got up and walked… They were basically model patients.

That all fell apart when we got out. No longer under threat of Nurse Ratchet forcing a feeding on them, they shut down. They wanted to stay in bed, they didn’t want to drink anything, and they certainly weren’t up for any exploring of St Louis.

I was getting more worried the more they shut down. The nurse and I had our differences, but I was pretty sure she was right when she said they needed at least 60g of protein and 55oz of liquid per day to heal properly. Last time we went under the knife, no one ever mentioned protein was essential to heal their little tongue muscles. I know they had milk and other drinks with protein, but I never kept track of how much. I don’t know how closely its connected but, Peter’s stitches dissolved before his tongue was healed and it more or less fell apart the week after surgery. I did NOT want that to happen again. I got pretty frantic trying to make sure they drank the right amounts of the right things and the boys resisted as much as they could.

I strongly considered bringing them back to the hospital, knowing full well it would probably be another $10,000 demanded from us.

Fortunately, the boys hung on and started slowly drinking from cups in the evening. It wasn’t as much as was prescribed, but I was willing to accept it for what it was.

This whole time, Peter was the one who surprised me. He had had a more difficult recovery in the hospital, but he was definitely quicker to be up and at ’em.

A cast and surgery recovery weren't enough to keep him out of the pool...

A cast and surgery recovery weren’t enough to keep him out of the pool…

That night I was still worried about them and doubting my judgment. Maybe I should bring them back in….maybe we shouldn’t have done this…. But then,

Worth it.

Worth it.

Watching them sleep, able to have their mouths closed….it was amazing. It was something I have never seen before. It took all my doubts about the surgery away and gave me renewed motivation to get them to drink and take their medicine.

Take my what?

Take my what?


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