St Louis Surgery part 8


The second day after surgery, the boys were in better spirits and were starting to perk up a little. We were still struggling to get nutrition in them, though. Peter was a real peach. He knew I was worried about them getting enough in them so every time he drank a little water or juice, he would proudly show me his cup and point to his progress. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what I needed was for him to drink milk or yogurt or meal replacement drink. Juice and water just didn’t cut it.

I decided to try another outing with them so we went to the St Louis Zoo. I had heard it was really fantastic and BONUS! it had free admission!

My jerk of a GPS gave me a nice tour of Ferguson again before eventually leading me to the zoo. I really hate that thing.

When we got in the zoo, I immediately asked a guide how to see the most while walking the least because the boys were recovering from surgery. She gave us some good tips, but failed to mention there was a wagon rental. I was a little annoyed that by the time I realized I could have rented a heavy duty stroller thing, we had already gone through all the attractions the boys wanted to see.

But, that aside, the zoo was amazing. There was an adorable little train that we bought tickets for. It took us on a nice ride all around the zoo and gave the boys a nice, long chance to rest.

In the tunnel we go!

In the tunnel we go!

After the train, we went to see the sea lions. Peter had been hopeful for sharks, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Sea lions were an acceptable alternative.

They swam right over us in this neat little tunnel!

They swam right over us in this neat little tunnel!

Watching the sea lions swim.

Watching the sea lions swim.

It’s a little hard to see, but Robert was dragging around a hotel hand towel with him everywhere. He was drooling a lot and didn’t want to swallow it or dribble all over his shirt so, he had a towel pressed to his face all day. It reminded me of Linus from Peanuts with his blanket.

There are apparently butterflies in here

There are apparently butterflies in here

Immediately after the sea lions, the boys decided they were done. To be fair, we had seen the African animals, went on a train ride, visited the hippos and rhino, and went through the bird lake. So, they were tired. But, I really wanted to see the Butterfly House. The structure reminded me of a place I had visited in Germany and I was just dying to go inside.

Well, when you have two crabby, virtually non-verbal boys who are still in recovery glaring at you….you make your stay in the butterfly house very short. I may have possibly seen a butterfly. Maybe.

After the zoo, the boys’ hunger kicked in and they wanted something real to eat. I had my doubts about their ability to eat anything solid, but I was willing to let them try. There was a Chili’s attached to our hotel so I ordered little cups of macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.

It was a miserable failure

It was a miserable failure

Robert was so hungry and he wanted that macaroni SO much. But, the pain of eating was too much to allow it.

This boiled my blood. That nurse who claims tongue reduction isn’t painful is irresponsible. Robert loves to eat. If it didn’t hurt, he would wolf that cup of macaroni down in 3 seconds. I know my son, I know this surgery. If someone tells you it doesn’t hurt, ask them if they enjoy the sensation of biting their tongue. Does it hurt? How about tearing a muscle… Does that hurt? Yes, yes, yes. Surgery hurts. Healing is not immediate. A muscle that has been cut is going to hurt as it heals. That’s pretty darn normal. I know that, but I am extremely upset about all the other patients who have never had a tongue reduction before and are now scared because its not supposed to hurt, according to the nurse.

Eventually poor Robert gave up and had a yogurt drink.

And we all slept like rocks that night. 🙂


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