Do the Helen Keller

Girl Child

Did you find this:

Water, Helen! Water!

Water, Helen! Water!

super offensive?

Yeah? Well, you might want to go ahead and skip this story.

Today I discovered my daughter is either the most clueless child on the planet, or she’s a grade A a-hole.

It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that it’s actually a little of column A and a little of column B, as well.

So, my almost-six-year-old daughter goes to daycare after school and I pick her up after work. When I was walking up to the big glass doors of the daycare today, I notice my daughter was playing with a sweet little girl who happens to be blind.

My daughter sees me on the other side and shoots out the door, grabs her backpack, and starts trotting over to the car.

“Did you have fun today?” I ask her as we walk.

“Yeah! I was playing hide and seek with my friend!” she chirps.

Well, that’s just rude. I mean, the kid is blind for shit’s sake. Of course she’s going to lose that game. What the actual eff, kid? I glance back at the daycare door and notice the little sight-impaired girl running around frantically.

“Aili,” I stop my child in horror. “Did you say goodbye to your friend and tell her you were done playing?”

“No,” she replies because clearly I am an idiot. Why would she have to do that?

“Dude. No. You need to go tell her the game is over. She can’t see that you’re gone.”

“Oh yeah,” replies Aili, flipping her blond hair around like a tiny little stereotype. “I forgot she can’t see.”

As Aili slowly walks back to the door with her eyes on her friend who is still looking for her, she giggles a little. “That’s kinda funny.”

Oh my God. My daughter is going to Super Hell. Seriously.